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Fuel Gage

Your filel gage tells you about how much fuel 31m have left. when the ignition ii. tin. When Lhe indieuttir nears "E" lEmptyi. WU still have a lirtle fuel left. but you should get more soon.

Here are but things that some owners ask about. None of these Show a problem with your fuel gauge and tire ntirn'tul operating ehtmieteriittieu:

0 At the service station. the gas pump shuts off before the gage reads “F“ tl‘ulli.

O [I Lukefi :1 little more tir less; fuel Et'l til] up than the gage indicated. Fur example. the gage mu}.I have inflieated

the tank was. half full. but it actually lmk a little more or lens thun hult‘ Ute tank‘s eunuch}- Ln tilt the mnk.

0 The gage nttWex it little when yttu turn it corner. speed up or hntlte.

0 Tlte guge tltieiin'l gel heel»; to ‘E' 1.iiltelt you turn til'l‘llte ignition.

Engine (Jil Pressure Light

if you hzwe it problem with your iii]. this light I'I'lfljr' titty on after you start your engine, [if etinte can when you are driving. This indieutei: Ihut nil in ntit going through your engine quiekly enttugh to: keep it lubricated. The engine could be low on nit. or eottid have some other oil pruhlent. Have it lined right away.

The tail iight L'fl'IJlI'J also etitne on in three tithet nittiutit‘ins:

0 when the ignition is on Inul the engine is not ntnning. the light will etune tin iii! :1 test It) shut-\- film it is. mulling. hul Lhe light will gt: eut when you turn the ignition [U “Start? H il dlmhn't ennte tin with the


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